The first phase of Coding Period has concluded.

This week, I started working on the convolution for -group using fwht - Dyadic (XOR) Convolution. The PR #14783 dealt with this addition to the module.

I had a useful discussion with Kalevi for clearing the API and naming convention.
The convolution method uses dyadic=True as the hint which uses convolution_fwht for the implementation. Appropriate documentation, doctests and unit tests are also included.

Successive reviews helped in refining the PR, before the final merge later in the week.

The usage for the same is:

>>> from sympy.discrete.convolutions import (convolution, convolution_fwht)
>>> from sympy import symbols
>>> u, v, x, y = symbols('u v x y')
>>> convolution([u, v], [x, y], dyadic=True)
[u*x + v*y, u*y + v*x]
>>> convolution_fwht([u, v], [x, y]) == _

Plan for this phase has executed according to the timeline, and the first evaluation has been successful.

Looking forward to the next phase of Coding Period.

Published: 15 June 2018