The first week of Coding Period has concluded.

I started the week working on the PR #14712 to fix existing issues #14262 and #12744. There were some complications caused by the PR as it was affecting the solvers module. The failing tests on travis revealed some bugs and issues in solvers. The bugs are fixed, though minor issues still persist.

Late this week, I started working on the first PR #14725 as part of my project with the aim of adding the following along with appropriate tests.

  • Discrete Module
  • Transforms Module
  • Fast Fourier Transform (fft)
  • Number Theoretic Transform (ntt)
  • Fast Walsh Hadamard Transform (fwht)

Kalevi brought up an important point about complicated symbolic expressions when using fft. Aaron helped me fix a minor import issue.
Successive reviews helped in the following changes to PR:

  • using iterable(...) instead of hasattr(..., '__iter__')
  • adding doctests
  • improving documentation
  • fixing precision issues in fft using argument dps for decimal places or using unevaluated symbols in the first place (by passing dps=None)

Looking forward to another exciting week.

Published: 23 May 2018