I am extremely glad to inform that my proposal ‘Transforms, Convolution & Linear Recurrence Evaluation’ has been accepted by SymPy for Google Summer of Code 2018. For those unfamiliar, SymPy is a Computer Algebra System (CAS) written entirely in Python. SymPy was started as a project by Ondrej Certik (certik) in 2006. SymPy has participated in every Google Summer of Code since 2007.

My official mentors are Aaron Meurer (asmeurer) and Kalevi Suominen (jksuom). Aaron (who also joined from GSoC) is the lead developer of SymPy since 2011. Kalevi (SymPy Member) has mentored for Google Summer of Code in 2016 and 2017. I am extremely lucky to have gotten an opportunity to work with such experienced developers.

During the Community Bonding Period, I will complete the following tasks:

  1. Setting up the blog with RSS feed for GSoC posts (for planet.sympy.org).
  2. Discussing the possible modes of communication, and getting information for timings and weekly meetings.
  3. Resolving any other issues that might arise during the Coding Period.
  4. Getting the details for expected work to be done, discussing the API of the modules to be implemented and studying the existing modules which might be used.

I would like to thank the SymPy team, especially my mentors - Aaron Meurer and Kalevi Suominen.

Looking forward to a great summer.

Published: 24 April 2018